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Straight to trusted quality,providing authentic traditional flavors.

Sendai Miso Shoyu Co., Ltd. (Johsen) is dedicated to producing authentic Sendai Miso (soybean paste) and Johsen Shoyu (soy sauce) by adhering to the traditional production methods developed by our predecessors. We are producing wholesome organic food, benefiting from abundant natural blessings, placing importance on peoples' spirit and skills and paying meticulous attention to environmental preservation, while always keeping in mind our corporate motto: Working in harmony with enjoyment and gratitude.

Johsen's Miso and Shoyu has been widely recognized as an excellent organic food in the world. I am pleased that our products are widely used in various parts of the world, a fact that attests to global recognition of our approach to produce authentic, additive-free, organic foods.

For more than 100 years since its founding in 1919, Johsen has continued producing miso and shoyu, thanks to the generous support of our loyal customers. We will continue to produce and provide authentic Sendai Miso and Johsen Shoyu. In these endeavors I truly appreciate your continued support.

Yuichiro Sasaki President and CEO

Wasabizawa Plant

The plant, located in Matsuyama, Osakai City, in the northern part of Miyagi Prefecture, enjoys a magnificent natural setting. With abundant pure water, the site is ideal for a fermenting factory.


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